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Главная Новости "TELAN" PROGRAMME. Analysis of call details.

"TELAN" PROGRAMME. Analysis of call details.

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One of the methods of definition of communications between people (figurants) is the cell phone analysis. This method is widely used by private detective agencies and special services. On the basis of such analysis it is possible to reveal many the interesting facts: activity of figurants, their obvious and implicit communications with the owners of various telephone numbers, tracing of location at the moment of a call and SMS, crossing with the owners of other telephone numbers in one area.

“TELAN” program is intended for the analysis of such call activity (cell phone analysis of mobile and stationary phones). Initially it was ordered by major Russian detective agency for such a purpose. The “TELAN” program operates very successfully and continues to develop. It is capable to accumulate in its base great volume of data concerning telephone connections and analyze them, initiating computer capabilities. “TELAN” is the unique tool for detectives and inspectors. On many points it has no analogues. It helps to process thousands of telephone connections during several minutes.

The last “TELAN” version incorporates the system of protection against unauthorized access. It is provided with the system of case papers protection by means of Microsoft tools and useful function of indefinite files deletion. The program is portable and operates in any computer and data medium (in case of data overwriting availability). The current version of the program is 2.3.

“TELAN” program features (version 2.3):

  • creation of the protected databases ("cases") for storage of the information on figurants;
  • operation in the operational systems Windows Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and up.
  • automatic import of data concerning telephone connections in the base from the files of telephone analysis presented by communication service providers;
  • search, filtration and sorting of data concerning telephone connections;
  • export of the processed data concerning mobile phone connects in Ехсеl format;
  • definition of duration and quantity of dialogs of figurants with other telephone numbers;
  • division of the dialogues statistics of interesting telephone numbers;
  • the report on location of all figurants with time reference;
  • obvious communications of figurants through telephone interlocutors;
  • forming of communication network between figurants of up to 7 links long (see more details in the insertion on the right);
  • keeping black lists of numbers for their exception from the analysis;
  • protection against unauthorized access to the program materials on the basis of passwords with the use of Microsoft tools of protection;
  • possibility of indefinite deletion of "cases" and any files;
  • for operation of the program there is no necessity to install special databases or have special drivers in the computer, whatever is required is integrated into the file of “TELAN” program;
  • the program works with the list of comparison of communication types. After adjustment of the list of comparisons “TELAN” allows to import lists of connections (call details) practically from the files of any communication service provider;
  • the program allows to import not only phone and connects analysis prepared under concrete telephone number, but also been taken in a communication station for a certain time interval;
  • at importing the program can automatically correct numbers of interlocutors (to delete +7, 7 and 8, to reduce numbers up to 10 figures, etc.);
  • the program can distinguish Internet connections in the list and exclude them from the analysis;
  • the program can exclude SMS-POOLS of communication providers from the analysis;
  • “TELAN” program has function of the preliminary cell phone analysis from several stations for determination of common numbers;
  • at operation with a "case" the program conducts a detailed listing (fixing on the screen) operations with the subsequent possibility of the listing record in a file;
  • at import of tables of connections there is a recognition of duration of a call in the format хх:хх (min:sec), хх:хх:хх (hour:min:sec) and хх (sec)
  • the program is adapted for importing of call details in Latin and Cyrillic (including the Ukrainian language);
  • at importing into call details base the system LOG-file is keeping and stored which is intended for acceleration of the arisen problems solving (sometimes faults can occur at import of “alternative" call details, sending of a LOG-file to the developer in this case can considerably accelerate the problem solving);
  • in case of import delay the program will give out the help about possibility of sending a LOG- file to the developer to solve the problem.

“TELAN” program has the built in localization mechanism in any language, and also full "User's guide" updated in process of release of new versions of the program. Concerning receiving of the demo version or acquisition of the full version please apply to:

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